Performance and installation (textile, sculpture, sound, fan, spinning motor)
by Violet Biscuits
Atalante, Gothenburg, 2021


Violet Biscuits presents an installation and performance exploring the visual connotations of digestion, and at the same time, the performativity of objects, the shop window and tactile desire.

'A resonance gained prominence, between the temporality of the body and the fleeting capitalist promise. Like fashion, it's not here to stay. The need for something, always hungry and never satisfied. We are being sold something that will escape us: a mood, an atmosphere. The inaccessibility of the organs - seductive in their glistening, fragile and yet autonomous - requiring specific conditions. As the objects stop performing when removed from their stage, the transition from a glistening state to a lacklustre one reveals their temporality.'

Violet Biscuits is an artist collective with Cilla Berg, Linnea Jardemark and Lucy Wilson

Photo: Stefano Conti

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